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Where Caterpillars Metamorphize into Butterlies

ROC Recovery House is a post op recovery service in an at home setting. Our well versed team includes physicians and pharmacists with round the clock care. As you go through the booking process, identifying the unique challenges of each patient we can offer a personalized plan for recovery. The skills, tools and insights gained here move each individual into a life of metamorphosis into the butterfly they've always wanted to be.


Health tips

For a better understanding of the plastic surgery recovering process; Roc-Recovery has inserted some healthy recovery tips.

    1. Follow Doctor instructions
    2. Maintain a good support system

3. Plan to take time off of work.

4. Relax; Place yourself in a calm environment.

5. Build a healthy diet; Meal plans.

6. Stay clear of overworking yourself; avoid exercise until fully healed.

7. Consume Plenty of water.

8. After Care is the most important part of your healing process and achieving the results you want. 

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